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For more than ten years, CARDKEEPER® has been the card retention and stabilization solution for some of the industry’s leading gaming, animation, video editing, sound editing, medical device and engineering PC manufacturers.

Cardkeeper Solution

The most common reason for a PC to fail or malfunction, no matter how expensive the components or meticulous the manufacturing and testing process, is the fact that AGP and PCI add-in cards fail to work properly after becoming dislodged from their motherboard slots during shipping and movement. This well known industry problem has been publicly acknowledged by leading companies like Intel and Dell.

CARDKEEPER® provides system builders and case modifiers a simple and cost effective comprehensive solution to the industry wide problem of AGP and PCI card retention and lateral support. If you frequent LAN parties or regulary transport your machine, CARDKEEPERS® are essential. CARDKEEPER® card retention devices are used worldwide by manufacturers and end users who desire enhanced reliability and protection of their systems.





Made in USA